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Paperless Office Solution for Insurance Industry

The economic climate has changed dramatically. The costs of interacting with customers and other third parties in traditional ways are constantly increasing. It is clear that there are dramatic savings to be made by eliminating paper based processes and replacing them with faster, accurate, auditable workflows using e-documents

For high volume signing in processes such as e-statements, e-invoices, e-offer letters, e-purchase order, e-receipts, and other e-documents adequate authorization controls during signing is vital. Digital signature certificates can be used to identify internal users so that individual documents can be approved and digitally signed. Digital signatures provide excellent authenticity, traceability and control compared to paper-based processes. Complex documents such as financial instruments, insurance policies and agreements can be easily handled on-line and signed by both parties to avoid time delays, mistakes, increase accuracy and completion rates.

emSigner enables insurance companies to handle signed documents effortlessly and cost efficiently. Insurance companies or non-banking financial services companies can use emSigner either as a standalone system which can be accessed through web browser or only through intranet network or integrate with any of the existing applications such as policy administration system, claim processing authorization and management system, endorsement of documents , or any other process automation or business workflow management tools to digitally sign & dispatch the documents without any manual intervention. Effective use of emSigner software can effortlessly eliminate the necessity of handling physical papers and human efforts to even 100%.

Salient Features of Our Paperless Office Solution for Insurance Industry

  • Send, track and sign on the go; Anywhere, Anytime!
  • Offline Signing (Zero Carbon Footprint)
  • eVault Services (Encrypt and Decrypt)
  • Time Stamping Services
  • Document Store Cloud Based Document Management System
  • User Management
  • Validation Services
  • Alerts & Reminders
  • Faster ROI
  • Legally admissible
  • Easy to Integrate with any Application
  • Ensures Data Integrity, Confidentiality, Authentication and Non-Repudiation of signed data

Our electronic signature based paperless office solution customized for the insurance industry can dramatically reduce your operational and processing costs while increasing your customer satisfaction and business volume.

Some of the use cases of our electronic signature based paperless office software for insurance industry

emSigner, eMudhra’s electronic signing and document management solution, usages scales across all channels and insurance segments, including: property, casualty, life, health and annuity

Use cases

New insurance applications Approvals for internal and regulated documents
Policy changes and maintenance Disclosuress
Online policy (Insurance PoliciesS Financial contracts
Contract or agreements signing Secure delivery of documents
Claims processing Commission sharing
Agent appointment and licensing Business communications
Document Endorsement