Digital Transformation in Sales

Drive Sales, Improve Efficiency

Accelerate Customer Acquisition by 80%

emSigner helps quicken the sales cycles even during these times of remote working by providing a seamless platform to send sales contracts and get them digitally signed with legally-compliant signatures from anywhere, anytime across the globe!

Quicken sales closures

Execution of Sales contracts being the heart of sales process, emSigner adds speed, convenience and legality to this process making sales closure seamless.

  • Significantly cuts down sales cycle time needed for physical transit of contracts by enabling presence-less and paperless real-time signing
  • Reap the benefits of reduction of cycle time by 80% and quick sales closures
Quicken sales closures
Comprehensive Reports

Comprehensive Reports

emSigner comes with an inbuilt report generation module which can be used to track productivity, savings and signing status. This provides the Sales Head complete control over documents to improve sales processes.

  • Improve your sales team's productivity by focusing only on sales and not on tracking and following up sales documents
  • Enables the management to take quick decisions for sales closures thus, enhancing sales conversion efficiency

Offer Winning Customer Experience

Going presence-less and paperless end to end can be a blessing for your customers in these testing times. emSigner makes the whole buying experience 'zero touch' and real-time.

  • Customers are offered a hassle-free and stress-free experience to e-sign sales contracts in the comfort and safety of their homes
  • Adds a competitive edge over others by providing option to sign using legally compliant electronic signatures
Offer Winning Customer Experience

Featured use cases

Sales Contract Signing

Create, review, edit, sign and approve sales contracts with up to 80% quicker turnaround time using emSigner.

Customer Acquisition

Using advanced electronic signing and workflow management capabilities, emSigner allows sales departments to quickly automate and streamline customer acquisition process.

Proposal Approval

Receive quick approvals for your sales proposal with emSigner.

emSigner helps a leading eCommerce company in India to digitally onboard over 100,000 customers within 30 days.

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