Digital Transformation in Human Resources

Drive Secure Digital Transformation in HR

Automate and Digitize Employee Onboarding Processes

Automate with emSigner's digital signature based document management system, providing a fulfilling experience to your employees along with a significant reduction of time and cost for your organization

Enhance Employee Experience

Take your employee experience a notch above the competition by completely digitizing the employee lifecycle from entry to exit.

  • emSigner makes your employee's day-one with your organization stress-free
  • emSigner facilitates instant remote onboarding of employees even during pandemic and the new normal
Enhance Employee Experience
Audit Logs & Fraud Prevention

Audit Logs & Fraud Prevention

emSigner places huge emphasis on auditability and traceability. All actions performed on the system are tracked and a complete audit trail is made available to the HR department.

  • Secured access to human resource documents anywhere, anytime with complete audit trail
  • emSigner helps authenticate the documents and digital signatures thus helping you identify and eliminate duplicate letters issued in the name of your organization

Easy Integration

HR departments can use advanced API's or emSigner Gateway Services (ESGS) for third party integrations with a host of popular HRMS applications.

  • With easy and successful integration find an opportunity to expand usage of emSigner throughout the organization and improve efficiency
  • Generate pre-defined workflow templates for appointment/offer letters, appraisal forms, re-imbursement forms and exit forms
Easy Integration

Featured Use Cases

Employee Onboarding

Using strong digital signing and workflow management capabilities, emSigner can help you create a well-choreographed workflow for employee onboarding process.

Pay-slip Signing

Sign and issue pay-slips in bulk while maintaining high-levels of privacy and security of data.

Offer Letter Issuance

Speed up the process of signing and issuing offer letters by up to 80% using emSigner.

Performance Appraisal Submission

Revamp personal appraisal submission process and provide better digital experience to your employees.

emSigner helps a premier IT company in India with nearly 2,00,000 employees to digitize and streamline all HR workflows.

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