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Industries - Paperless Office Software for Telecom

Telecom industry is one among the industries that deals with high volume and sensitive data. It consumes huge amount of physical paper while exchanging information with various stake holders. Handling physical paper documents is one of the most vital challenge which telecom industry is faced with. Timely authentication, verification and validation of physical documents and dependency on ink based signature are critical factors in building an efficient delivery process.

Digital signatures greatly reduce the resources, time and costs associated with traditional paper and ink signatures especially for high physical paper prone industries such as telecom. It provides the required freedom from the ink based signature dependant approval system and adds significant value to telecom industry. Usage of digital signature certificate provides the privacy, authenticity, integrity and non-repudiation for the user organization.

emSigner enables telecom companies to handle signed documents effortlessly and cost effectively. Telecom can use emSigner either as a standalone system which can be accessed through web browser through internet or only through intranet network or integrate with any of the existing applications such as CRM system, ERP system, or any other process automation or business workflow management tools to digitally sign & dispatch the documents without any manual intervention. Different flavours of emSigner software can reduce the burden of handling physical papers and human efforts to unimaginably low levels.

Salient Features

  • Send, track and sign on the go. Anywhere. Anytime
  • Offline Signing (Zero Carbon Footprint)
  • eVault Services (Encrypt and Decrypt)
  • Time stamping Services
  • Document Store (Cloud Based Document Management System)
  • User Management
  • Validation Services
  • Alerts & Reminders
  • Faster ROI
  • Legally admissible
  • Easy to Integrate with any Application
  • Ensures Data Integrity, Confidentiality, Authentication and Non-Repudiation of signed data.

Some of the use cases for telecom

Use cases

New connection authorization VAS approvals
Contracts for mobile Contracts and agreements
Fixed line and internet services Certificates
Pricing changes Monthly bills
Change requests Address change
Document verification Invoices
Service approvals Service requests
Pins or password issuance