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Paperless Office Solution for Corporate Offices

Within many organisations there are HR, finance, procurement in general sales, legal, regulatory and compliance requirements for data to be accurately documented and signed by one or more people responsible. Businesses often use desktop software such as Microsoft Office or Open Office to create documents and then often convert these to PDF once finalised.

Invoice, purchase orders, appointment letters, policies and procedures, monthly reports, project management documents, compliance statements and other data are often output as PDF files. This is generally done for good reasons including to make the document harder to change, and increasingly to take advantage of the stronger controls and handling of digital signatures within PDFs.

Many larger organisations also use document management systems to store and manage the workflow of documents for collaboration purposes. However very often this drive to cut out paper by using e-documents draws to an abrupt halt at the stage where document approval is needed, leading to documents being printed to gather approval by signatures.

Digital certificates can be used to identify internal users, allow and enable documents to be digitally signed using emSigner, eMudhra’s innovative eSignature and paperless workflow solution. Such digital signatures provide excellent authenticity, integrity and traceability for documents such as purchase requests, expenses, HR reports, compliance and quality reports, acceptance of new policies and procedures, project management and delivery acceptance. Handling all this information online, signed by key individuals using digital signatures ensures that an effective audit trail exists to meet internal controls needs, plus any external regulatory or legal requirements.

Salient Features of Our eSignature Software for Corporate Offices

  • Send, track and sign on the go. Anywhere. Anytime
  • Offline Signing (Zero Carbon Footprint)
  • eVault Services (Encrypt and Decrypt)
  • Time stamping Services
  • Document Store (Cloud Based Document Management System)
  • User Management
  • Validation Services
  • Alerts & Reminders
  • Faster ROI
  • Legally admissible
  • Easy to Integrate with any Application
  • Ensures Data Integrity, Confidentiality, Authentication and Non-Repudiation of signed data

Some of the use cases of our electronic signature based paperless office solution for corporate offices include-

Use cases

Human Resource Accounts & Finance Compliance & Legal
Form 16 & Form 16 A TDS Certificates - Vendor NDA, Contracts & Agreements
Offer & Appointment Letters Vendor Registration Certificates Compliance & Audit Reports
Reliving & Settlement Letters Invoices & Purchase Orders Letters & Notices
Contracts for employees Contracts - Vendor Billing, correspondence, and other documents signed by partners
Salary statements and adjustments Project Completion Letters Client on boarding, new hire, exit documents, annual review, and other documents signed by HR
TDS Certificates - Employees Vendor Termination Letters Invoices, Accounts Payable
Appreciation & Transfer Letters Notices & Letters IP Documents
Suspension & Termination Orders Financial Reports Document portals with client access
NDAs Bills & Receipts
Monthly Statements
Statement of accounts
Sales & Marketing Supply Chain & Logistics IT & Admin
Proposals Good Receipt Asset Reports
Technical & Commercial Offers Delivery Challan Purchase Orders
NDA & Contracts- Customer Acknowledgements Goods Receipt
Contracts & Certificates- Channel Partner Dispatch & Stock Summary Statements Asset Allotment Statement
Delivery Documents Inventory Reports No Due Certificates
Business Alliance Agreements Transfer & Re-order Requests Service Level Agreements(SLA)
Road Permits
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