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Is your Organization ready for Digital Transformation?
What is Digital Transformation exactly?

Digital transformation is the real game changer for transforming the businesses into really faster, safer and delivers best customer experience. It accelerates the transformation of business activities, processes, competencies and models to fully leverage the changes and opportunities of digital technologies and their impact across society in a strategic and prioritized way.

Benefits of Digital Transformation Management

Improved Efficiency

Improved Decision Making

Improved Reach and Faster Processing

Better Customer Experience

Improved Profitability

What drives Digital Transformation?

‘Transform to the power of digital’, is a motto all organisations have adopted in this era. We are at the cusp of a major digital revolution, as we see digital technologies changing the face of all major businesses.

Digital transformation ultimately drives the change because it impacts not only industry structures and strategic positioning, but also all levels of an organization (every task, activity, process) and its extended supply chain.

Transformation requires a 360 degree approach

Most businesses around the world are undergoing digital transformation today, but only five per cent of organizations have truly gone fully digital, to differentiate from their competitors. To achieve a 100 per cent ratio, businesses have to adopt a 360 degree approach.

Businesses need to undertake digital transformation, rethink what customers value most and create operating models that take advantage of what’s newly possible for competitive differentiation in the market. The proliferation of mobile devices, advanced knowledge of consumer behaviour powered by analytics and emergence of Cloud has thrown up new opportunities and ways to integrate new technologies due to fragmented technology landscape, constant product evolution and changing consumer preferences.

Digitization is not just about Innovation

Digitization is not just about innovating or just adding a layer of digital to business-as-usual, but it's about shifting gears to a whole new way of working and staying ahead of the curve. It should involve how you deliver products and services, the digitized work environment that you create for your employees, how you engage with your customers and how you run your business. Being a digital enterprise is about leveraging the interconnections that the digital world facilitates.

Enhance your Customer Experience

Delivering excellent customer experience is at the heart of every organisation. In today’s digital world, the rules of customer engagement are changing. Today’s customer wants a quick, easy and seamless digital experience. They want personalized treatment, intuitive user interfaces, and everything in real-time. This level of customer enablement and engagement requires rethinking and re-engineering all parts of a business, from marketing to finance to IT. To continue acquiring and retaining customers, organizations need to recognize this and adapt to the new dynamics.

Businesses that digitally transform will be able to connect more closely with customers, speed up the pace of innovation and claim a greater share of profit.

Get Started with your Digital Transformation

With digitalization at its peak, the world is now increasingly seen as a connected destination for innovation on a global scale.

With this digital evolution, we see a growing requirement for emSigner. emSigner defines the process of managing all digital driven transactions thus eradicating paper based activities. Moving towards paperless, faceless and cashless services, it can improve efficiency, help in taking better decisions, reduce error with faster processing, better customer experience and ultimately these lead to profitable turn around.


By successfully embracing digital transformation, companies can exploit the realm of technology and communication to harness growth and profits. This approach will help in improving the core processes, and can drive them to enhance customer engagement and have a positive impact on their bottom-line.