No matter how simple or complex your signing

processes are, emSigner is good fit


Features and Specifications of emSigner

emSigner comes with the following awesome features

  • Workflow Creation

    Admin creates resuable document signing & approval workflow templates as required by the enterprise.

  • Re-usable Templates

    For faster signing choose from ready-to-use templates of various functions such as HR, Finance, Legal etc.

  • Document Co-Signing

    Setup approval processes with multiple signatories per document with the same signatory being added multiple times

  • Document Store

    In-built secure document storage facility with proper categorization and document numbering for easy and quick retrieval

  • Assisted template creation

    We can create ready-to-use document workflow templates which fits your business process

  • Validate Document

    Validation of digital signatures (PDF/XML/PKCS#7) and timestamp applied on the documents

  • Time stamping Services

    Time stamping of documents with a licensed Time Stamping Authority to eradicate backdating of signed document

  • White labelling

    Customize signer page with your company’s logo to reinforce your brand throughout your customer journey of document signing

  • Secure and Trustworthy

    The platform is based on universally accepted PKI technology which ensures confidentiality, authentication & non-repudiation of signed data

  • API for Document Uploading

    This API/ (web service) helps user to automatically upload multiple files to document store without any manual intervention

  • Dashboard

    Dashboard with controlled access rights to document templates. Shows count of all pending, declined, recalled and deleted documents

  • Phone/Email Support

    Post-sales support would be provided via email or phone

  • Faster ROI

    Reduce operational costs on printing, scanning, faxing & shipping

  • Video KYC Integration

    Instantly verify customer’s identity with fully compliant video KYC functionality.

  • Manage Workflows

    Admin defines order of signing, map/remove users or signatories to your custom document signing and approval lifecycle workflows.

  • eSignatures

    Customers can use eSignatures along with Digital Signatures on emSigner. Customers in India can also use eMudhra's eSign to comply with local laws

  • Online Signing

    Send, track and sign on the go; Anywhere, Anytime!

  • Dual Mode of Signing

    Platform is enabled with both digital signature based signing and eSign capabilities.

  • Audit History

    Comprehensive audit trails for demonstrating legal compliance

  • Add from Cloud

    Import your files from multiple cloud and file storage services such as Dropbox, Google Drive and Box cloud storage into emSigner

  • eVault Services

    Provides eVault services where sensitive documents can be encrypted and stored. Encrypted documents can also be decypted using eVaut services.

  • Alerts and Reminder

    Sends automatic alert/s and reminder via email/s or SMS for document pending for signatures

  • Comments

    Users in workflow can enter and reply to comments among each other on specific documents. Comments are logged and saved for audit trails

  • Customization

    emSigner solution can be customized and offered to suit your business process requirements (for enterprise licences only)

  • API Integration

    Integrate powerful document signing capability into your company’s existing system and workflows

  • Cloud or On-premise

    Quickly deploy on-premises or on a public or private cloud

  • OCR: (Optical Character Recognition)

    Quickly convert and search for documents or content within documents from images of- typed, handwritten or printed text.

  • Robotic Process Automation

    Reduce manual efforts and errors by automating rule-based repetitive processes.

  • Workflow Access

    Admins create user groups, document workflow templates, map users to templates (of HR, Finance etc.) and provide access rights for templates

  • Company Stamp

    Customers can affix the company stamp as part of their signature profile wherever required to facilitate secure and locally acceptable document formats

  • Offline Signing

    Sign single/bulk documents without uploading. Leaves no traces on any server

  • Bulk Signing

    Send bulk documents for signing using a single workflow with a click of a button

  • Document Preview

    Track real-time status of signature progress (such as Signed/Pending/Completed/Declined etc.) happening on documents initiated for signing

  • User Management

    Create and manage emSigner user accounts and monitor user activity through Audit logs

  • Form16 Signing (India only)

    Now merge partA & partB documents, digitally sign, password protect and email your Form 16s on the go.

  • Share Document

    Share document with anyone with/without attached supporting documents by configuring access rights for each user to hide/show attachments

  • Configurable Signature

    Configuration of signature appearance is made easy. Just drag and drop to place it wherever you like (on first/last/all/specific pages) on the document

  • Watermarking

    Adding watermark to the documents adds an air of professionalism and can also prevent against other parties passing off your work as their own

  • Global Platform

    Platform is PKI neutral and works with X.509 certificate issued by any CA globally for digital signing

  • File Picker

    Windows service atuomatically picks & uploads all the files (ERP/CRM etc) from locally designated folders to emSigner’s document store without any manual intervention

  • Artificial Intelligence

    Build AI-based transaction pipelines using Apache Spark-based machine learning algorithms.

Key Differentiators

Each emSigner account comes with the following unique features

  • Workflow Creation

    Admin creates resuable document signing & approval workflow templates as required by the enterprise.

  • Validation Services

    Facility to validate digital signatures (PDF/XML/PKCS#7) as well as the time stamp embedded on the document

  • Licensed Certifying Authority

    Document signed using digital signatures/eSign are legally valid under the Information Technology Act 2000

  • Online and Offline Signing

    The only service provider that provides both online as well as offline signing of PDF documents in a single platform

  • Time Stamping Services

    Provides document embedded time stamping from an authorized Time Stamping Authority

  • eVault Services

    Provides eVault services where in sensitive documents can be encrypted and stored along with decryption facility

  • Document Store

    A complete cloud based document management system along with workflow engine to make it 100% paperless office