Over a thousand distributors of TVS reap the benefits of efficient claim settlement process using emSigner






Bottlenecks found while working on claim settlements with a lengthy process involving large amount paperwork, verified manually by the company which in-turn involved cost to company


Automate the claim settlement process while going paperless. Integrated all its internal as well as external applications with emSigner to facilitate the signing of invoices, Proposals, and Contracts & other documents

  • Multiple proposals were signed at once using the bulk signing feature thereby shortening the turnover time for processing claims
  • Dealers were able to send digitally signed documents, which would be automatically checked for legal validity and correctness, directly by the Corporate Office in no time.

Case summary

TVS Motor Company (TVS) is an Indian multinational motorcycle company headquartered in Chennai, India. The company holds the position of being the third largest motorcycle company in India with annual sales of about 4 million vehicles in India and around the globe.

TVS Motor Company is a reputed company with thousands of outlets and distributors all across the country. Things were fine until the year 2016 when bottlenecks started appearing in the claim settlement process. The process was a lengthy one where the distributer had to take a copy of the claim, manually sign and courier it to TVS. Thereafter it was collected, verified and processed manually by the company. This entire process caused a domino effect on other dependent processes and the cost to company when it came to printing and couriering escalated.

Why TVS chose emSigner

Realizing the need to automate this process, eMudhra stepped in to provide TVS with a solution that would automate the claim settlement process while going paperless. The proposed integration would allow distributors to use emSigner with the capability of having multi-party and real-time signing of a sales claim. In a phased manner, TVS and eMudhra started integrating all the internal as well as external applications linked to claim processing with emSigner to facilitate digital signing of associated claim documents.

Post-implementation, authorities at TVS were able to combine the distributor’s existing unique identification code with their digital signature and upload the signed claims into the company’s portal.

These were automatically checked for legal validity and correctness by the Corporate Office and allowed distributors to have better visibility by tracking the status of the signature process (Signed/Pending/Completed/Declined) in real-time.