Mercedes Benz combats employment fraud and streamlines dealer/ distributor document flow using emSigner






Fraudulent and forged offer letters issued in the company’s name with a large number of candidates appearing at the offices making it hard for the HR’s to verify and access the authenticity of the letters.


To leverage its secure digital signing capabilities emSigner our AI-enabled document processing automation solution was implemented and working to enhance and streamline documents for the company’s finance department.

  • Establish compliance and meet regulatory requirements.
  • Increased efficiency and transparency in the working of HR processes.
  • Curb employment fraud.

Case summary

Mercedes-Benz, the German automotive leader and a subsidiary of Daimler AG, manufactures and promotes its luxury vehicles and commercial vehicles across the globe. Mercedes-Benz holds 17th position in the list of Fortune 500 companies as one of the world's most valuable brands.

During 2018, the HR authorities at Mercedes were facing an innumerable number of candidates appearing at their offices every month while presenting fraudulent offer letters that they received via emails supposedly from “Mercedes. These candidates were tricked by unknown agencies into making a physical visit to the company with identical-looking offer letters similar to the ones issued by Mercedes Benz. The company HR found it very hard to verify and assess the authenticity of these offer letters which in turn affected their productivity.

Why Mercedes-Benz chose emSigner

After several rounds of investigation and assessing the situation, Mercedes Benz crew got in touch with eMudhra’s experts. They wanted to fortify the offer letter issuance process and the team proposed emSigner, our AI-enabled documentAI-enabled document processing automation solution, to leverage its secure digital signing capabilities. After successfully setting up emSigner with their existing ERP system two years ago, the crew at Mercedes realized that emSigner’s capabilities can be extended beyond HR processes and can accommodate use cases related to finance and legal processes. Presently, Mercedes Benz Global Management and our team of experts are working together in incorporating its extended capabilities for enhancing and streamlining the movement of dealer/ distributor documents for their finance departments.

This upcoming implementation is an affirmation that we embrace the concept of constant innovation to provide our clients with the best of our solutions and services.