Corporates in general

Accelerate bills and cash flow. Improve compliance. Reduce errors and accelerating billing.

The Internet explosion has seen the use of electronic documents accelerate to include small and medium enterprises using techniques such as e-bills. emSigner helps in streamlining critical billing processes with ease and security.

Due to mounting costs and environmental concerns, Public sector, Private companies and government agencies are adopting e-bills and searching for ways to drive costs down, increase their efficiency and deliver prompt customer service, especially during these times of economic uncertainties.

Transitioning to a paperless environment that issues electronic bills (e-bills) is simple and efficient way to achieve these goals. By eliminating the need to mail and archive paper bills, e-bills allows organizations to considerably reduce cost, administrative handling, and invoice processing times while improving customer service.

emSigner is PKI based digital signature solution which enables organizations to digitally sign bills online (anytime and anywhere). emSigner digital signature technology seals the signed document, thereby allowing detection of any attempt to alter the document contents. Electronic bills can be digitally signed in batch mode for processing large quantities of bills per month or as needed. Online digital signatures per bills are also supported.