Drive Sales, Improve Efficiency

Want to increase efficiency and productivity of sales department? Think emSigner! Using this innovative paperless office solution, you can seamlessly automate and streamline previously cumbersome processes and provide the edge needed for your sales force to deliver results faster.

Accelerate Customer Acquisition by 80%

“Our customer acquisition process previously lasted for several hours. Now, it a matter of a few minutes.”

– Sales Head, Leading eCommerce Company

Why emSigner?

Comprehensive Reports

emSigner has an inbuilt report generation module which can be used to track productivity, savings and monitor sales documents that are in workflow and their ageing. This way a sales department has complete control over its documents and can quickly identify bottlenecks in approvals and derive savings through the usage of emSigner.


emSigner integrates with Apache Spark based Machine Learning for building AI based transaction pipelines.

Seamless Integration

emSigner provides both API’s (Application Programming Interface) and Gateways to connect with leading ERP and CRM applications such as Salesforce, thereby facilitating seamless creation, signing and approval of sales quotations, proposals, contracts, invoices, etc.

Use Cases

Sales Contract Signing

Create, review, edit, sign and approve sales contracts with up to 80% quicker turnaround time using emSigner.

Customer Acquisition

Using advanced electronic signing and workflow management capabilities, emSigner allows sales departments to quickly automate and streamline customer acquisition process.

Proposal Approval

Receive your sales proposal approvals faster with emSigner.

The Real-life Examples

Drive Digital Onboarding

emSigner helped a leading eCommerce company in India to digitally onboard over 100,000 customers within 30 days.

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