Control Cost, Enforce Compliance and Improve Efficiency of Procurement and Supply Chain

Accelerate and automate the procurement and supply process using emSigner.

Fast-track Supplier Management

“By enabling us to gather, manage and approve supplier data and documentation in a collaborative, digital environment, emSigner has seamlessly expedited, standardized and streamlined our supplier onboarding process.”

– Procurement Head, Leading IT Company

Why emSigner?

Support Mobile Workforce

Employees and managers can use emSigner app to carry out real-time document authoring, reviews, and approvals.

Efficient Collaboration

emSigner allows you to gain full visibility across the entire source-to-settle process and exchange documents and messages electronically with your suppliers.

Intuitive User experience

A user friendly dashboard makes it easy for user to find what they need.

Use Cases

Vendor/Supplier Management

By digitizing procedures and streamlining workflows, emSigner can remove the complexities involved in vendor/supplier management.

Contract Management

Create, review, edit, sign and approve contracts with up to 80% quicker turnaround time using emSigner.

The Real-life Examples

Contract Management Made Simple and Straightforward

emSigner helped the procurement department of a leading manufacturing company to request, receive, validate, sign and approve contracts from the prospective vendors and facilitate end-to-end digital workflow cycle.

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End-to-end Transformation of Supplier Management Ecosystem

emSigner helped the procurement department of a reputed IT company to digitize and automate supplier management workflows and processes.