Drive Efficiency and Support Quicker Decision Making in Healthcare

emSigner for paperless healthcare

Deliver Superior Patient Experience

“emSigner was instrumental in streamlining our patient onboarding processes. We are happy that this enabled us to deliver better patient experience.”

– Practice Manager, Leading Healthcare Center

Key Features


Advanced OCR capabilities that enable easy processing of data in PDF's, documents

Artificial Intelligence

Integrate machine learning models with emSigner to power AI enabled document processing automation pipelines


Create predefined workflows for powering a number of customer specific workflows

Why choose emSigner?


emSigner supports both cloud and on-premise deployments with support for a wide range of eSignature options out of the box.


Using advanced AI and OCR functionalities, emSigner allows you to seamlessly capture data, process and analyze data in digital forms in no time.


emSigner places highest importance to data security and the whole architecture is designed to ensure protection of personal data and mitigate cyber security attacks.

Use Cases

Patient Enrolments

By digitizing procedures and streamlining workflows, emSigner can reduce patient onboarding time by up to 80%.

Claims Submissions

Enable paperless claims submissions that can be directly submitted to your TPA or Insurance Company

Doctor Prescriptions

Allow doctors to sign prescriptions digitally for authentic prescriptions that can be submitted and verified electronically to pharmacies

EHR and EMR Systems

Leveraging advanced automated workflow management capabilities, emSigner allows you to create auditable EMR and EHR system within no time.

The Real-life Examples

Driving Paperless Transformation

emSigner helps a healthcare institution go paperless and streamline critical processes with ease

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